Foundation for education development.

We are dedicated to promoting a long-term plan for education in England. In the spirit of partnership, we will provide a neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to vision the future.

We all agree that our children and young people deserve the greatest education system. We have a vital part to play in bringing this to fruition. In doing so, we can empower future generations and unlock the country’s potential.

We will provide a neutral space for discussion and debate so that the long-term challenges we face can find a long-term strategy for solution.


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Launch of Foundation for Education Development (FED)

A long-term plan for English education is the goal of a group of education, business and political leaders whose first meeting will be in Windsor today. “Education policy over the past 50 years has had lots of change, mostly connected


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We look forward to hearing from you – through our consultation opportunities you share your thoughts. If you wish to help, please get in touch.