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David Feldman

FED Senior Coordinator:

David is founder of Phoenix Business Consultants which he established in 1992. He has over 30 years’ experience in business management consultancy with a wide range of organisations in the UK and internationally.

He was Director of Leadership Studies at The Industrial Society – latterly The Work Foundation. He has a Cambridge PhD and has written on business leadership and communication issues.

He has worked in Stoke on Trent for the past 10 years following his role as national project director with The Prince’s Charities ‘Place’ regeneration project. He is Special Projects Director for The City Learning Trust and Business Manager for Stoke Reads- a literacy hub for the National Literacy Trust. He currently acts as Project Director for The Foundation for Education Development (FED).

He has long had an interest in the development of young people, having run the Responsibility at Work programme for The Industrial Society for many years. His commitment to supporting opportunities for a consistent and quality education for young people has been a fundamental belief throughout his career.


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