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Lamide Odanye

FED Council Member:

Lamide Odanye is the co-founder of LIVE (Learn, Inspire, Visualise, Elevate), a mentoring programme for students in Years 8-13 from low socioeconomic backgrounds. LIVE focuses on teaching young people soft transferable skills required for the professional environment and has the long term aim of reducing the rate of youth unemployment and increasing social mobility. She has nearly ten years of volunteering experience and over five years advocating for youth employment and a ‘soft skills’ focused education system. Through her work, she inspires her mentees to strive for success, live authentically and believe in themselves. 

She is a First Class Politics and Philosophy Graduate from the University of Essex and was named a Top 10 UK Rare Rising Star in 2019. She currently works at the Greater London Authority and aspires to change the world by influencing policies and rules on Education and Young people.

Lamide has worked with the Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) as a Youth Policy Representative and was appointed one of 24 young people across England by the DCMS and the British Youth Council to advise the Government on how their policies directly influence young people within their respective communities. She is also the co-chair of the #iwill Education Advisory Council, ensuring that the voice of youth is at the centre of policy and decision-making processes. 


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