Latest: FED Event to launch a Year of National Celebration for the 150th Anniversary for State Education

Our latest Podcast now available

Hear Carl Ward, founder and Chair of the Foundation for Education Development (FED) in conversation with Nick MacKenzie, an education lawyer and partner at Browne Jacobson LLP discussing how a long-term education vision and plan can best serve the needs of our country and its people.

Laying the foundations for the development of a national long-term education vision and plan.

Through providing a neutral space for experts from across education, business, politics and the community to come together, Carl outlines the thinking behind FED’s ambitious three-year objective to unify our country’s approach to life-long learning.

Specifically, Nick and Carl discuss:

The need for, and process of undertaking research to underpin the robust principles on which a vision and plan can be developed;

The ideas and voices of our young people;

The leaders of the future, and the regionalisation of education and how this might impact the development of an education plan.

Download the Podcast HERE

Also available by searching #EdInfluence on Podbean, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

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Thursday 17th September

Register for event

18.00 – 20.00

Fill in the form opposite to register your interest and we’ll send you a confirmation email of registration.

Please note, you will receive further information about how to attend the event closer to the time.

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