Latest: FED Event to launch a Year of National Celebration for the 150th Anniversary for State Education

Two new directors join Fed board

We are delighted to welcome two new directors to the Board of the FED. As our work develops, and as a neutral space to promote a long term plan for education, we are working to increase the range of our active supporters on both our Board and our wider advisory group.

Ian Livingstone CBE will bring a range of senior expertise to our team. His work on bringing computer science into the curriculum and his advocacy for ‘the power of play’ through games-based learning and digital creativity will support the work of the FED

Patrick Wall’s work at – a research project to support better and more enduring policy change – complements the focus of the FED in working towards a long term policy for education. His senior experience in both business and education will be invaluable. Patrick will lead the research that we are planning to reinforce the FED’s view of long term planning.

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