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Kerry-Jane Packman

Kerry-Jane Packman

FED Council Member: Kerry-Jane Packman is the Executive Director of Programmes, Membership and Charitable Services, who arrived at Parentkind in February 2018 from Tomorrow’s People where she was Director of Fundraising and Marketing.  Prior to that Kerry-Jane worked as Director of Resource Development & Communications for International Medical Corps UK.

She has 20 years’ experience of working within the charity section in roles at Maggie’s, Macmillan, Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation, driving successful funding operations, generating income from multiple sources, building and leading teams, business development and marketing.

As a ‘professional’ auntie, sister to a Teaching Assistant and daughter to a lecturer, Kerry-Jane is enthusiastic about education and the critical role families can have in a child’s learning.

Kerry-Jane is also a keen member of the Institute of Fundraising.

“Parents are children’s first educators and they form a vital part of any child’s learning, from early years through to the end of their formal school or college tuition and beyond. FED recognises that if schools and parents work together with a focus on the child’s happiness and educational progress, the child will thrive. Our vision is for an education world where parents are both fully engaged and seen as essential partners in their children’s education. Together we can make parent-friendly schools a reality right across the UK and that’s why I am proud to be on the advisory council.”

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