Pearson is the world’s leading learning company. We work to help people of all ages to make measurable progress in their lives through learning. Whether it’s at home, in the classroom or in the workplace, learning is the key to improving our life chances.  

We have more than 20,000 employees who deliver our products and services in nearly 200 countries, all working towards a common purpose – to help everyone achieve their potential through learning. We do that by providing high quality, digital content and learning experiences, as well as assessments and qualifications that help people build their skills and grow with the world around them.

Learn more about our work in the UK where we are also embarking on a new project – the Future of Assessment. This project aims to better understand how our education system and model of assessment are working for young learners at key stage four and five. You can find out more about this work and access our interim report here

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If your organisation is interested in sponsoring, supporting or partnering the work of the fed, please contact us.


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