The FED National Consultations.

Process & Mechanisms

The FED?

The Foundation for Education Development (FED) is a community interest company with the objectives of promoting the benefits, importance and understanding of a long-term strategic education planning. We were founded in December 2019 and are an independent body.

What are we trying to achieve?

Our work in England is guided by the desire to see the establishment of a long-term strategic education planning system.  We have a mandate to consult with all education stakeholders and set out a path to development of a long-term plan for education.

Why are we trying to achieve it?

Many education systems across the world have never had a long-term plan for education. The English education system is no different and has been driven via a 5-year political mandate. This has created a system that is inherently unstable and is letting down the country. Learners have a 15-year foundation journey in our formal education system – from 3 to 18, then often move onto further education throughout their life. Therefore, it is sensible we have a longer-term view of the cycle of planning in our education system. Our research has shown that there are many reasons for this that include;

  • Equity – the English education system fails to many children, young people and other learners.
  • Technological Change – the English education system needs to move from analogue to digital to keep pace with global developments and prepare learners for the world of today and the future of tomorrow.
  • Productivity – England has one of the most unproductive economies in the modern world – our education system needs to consider its role in the future success of our economy and country.

How have we gone about it?

In 2023 we completed a 3-year consultation of the English Education System – the biggest qualitative consultation ever undertaken in one of the highest performing education systems in the world. In each of these years we published a separate National Education Consultation Report. These have come together to build a clear foundation for how England can take the next step in its education evolution.

We are sharing our findings, research, processes and solutions around the world.

What is our second year of work?

This will see the delivery of 5 core work programmes to establish a solid foundation for our education system – one that it has never had before.

Building our Workstream Steering Groups

We have been delighted to welcome support from many influential individuals who have agreed to give up their time to participate in the workstream steering groups. Our co-chairs cover a wide range of knowledge and opinion in terms of the education system in this country. 

Ws 1 Angle
  • David Jaffa – Founder National Talent Academy
  • Ndidi Okezie – CEO UK Youth
  • Essie North – CEO Big Change
Ws 2 Angle
  • Patrick Wall – Founder,
  • Emma Knights OBE – Chief Executive National Governance Association
Ws 3 Angle
  • Dr Ann Limb CBE DL FRSA – Chair UK Innovation Corridor
  • James Kempton – Chair Oldham Learning
  • Lizzie Watts – Director of Accreditation & Standards Pearsons
Ws 4 Angle
  • David Gallagher – CEO NCFE
  • Professor Anne Bamford OBE – Director Education and Skills for the City of London
  • Al Kingsley – Group MD NetSupport
Ws 5 Angle
  • Kirstie Donnelly MBE Chief Executive – City & Guilds Group
  • Al Kingsley – Group MD NetSupport

FED Stakeholder Councils

At every stage of the workstream discussions, the conclusions and findings will be tested by a series of FED Stakeholder Councils. Throughout our National consultations, it has been our intention to engage with the widest range of voices and opinion. We believe our Stakeholder Councils will be a route to bring all perspectives to the debate.

The FED National Education Summit