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FEDNES Day 2 – ‘Civic leadership’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, Leora Cruddas was in conversation with Dawn Haywood, Sir John Townsley and Ed Vainker for a conversation on Civic Leadership. Leora raises questions around building a connected system around which trust leaders are civic leaders. Supported by

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FEDNES Day 2 – ‘International perspectives’

On Day 2 of FED’s National Education Summit, Gregg Behr, President of Grable Foundation and lead on Remake Learning, USA delivers a keynote sharing his experiences. In conversation with Dr Helena Singer and Flavio Bassi, experienced leaders about systems based approaches in Brazil. The group

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FEDNES Day 1 – ‘International perspectives’

On Day 1 of FED’s National Education Summit, chaired by Gavin Anderson and joined by Dr Rebecca Winthrop, Dr Karen Edge, Professor Fiona Forbes and Dr Pedro Noguera, the group shares their thoughts and experiences from an international perspective on the English education system. By

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FEDNES Day 1 – Q&A Wes Streeting and Carl Ward

On Day 1 of FED’s National Education Summit FED Chair, Carl Ward, is joined by MP Wes Streeting in a Q&A around lifelong learning, with Wes focusing on being able to rewrite the story of educational disadvantage in the system by raising standards, narrowing the

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