Long-term education policy-making & small, rural, and coastal schools.

Join The Foundation for Education Development to hear from a range of stakeholders share their lived experiences of challenges facing them in providing quality and impactful education in regions which are not at the forefront for policy makers.

Contribute to our consultation on the themes of:

  • recruitment & retention
  • cultural isolation
  • socio-economic disadvantage
  • post-16 pathways


Too often schools in these regions, which make up 19% of primary schools and 16% of secondaries, are an afterthought in policy making. Of course, schools in these areas struggle with the same seemingly intractable issues that impact all schools up and down the country but their unique situation means that they are impacted even more by issues such as recruitment, strong professional networks, funding, and cultural isolation, to name a few. Recent research by the CFEY showed that socio-economic disadvantage and attainment are no more strongly correlated than in coastal and rural areas.

The FED is dedicated to the belief that long-term strategic education planning is vital to the success of countries and their people. In the spirit of collaboration, we provide an independent and neutral space for stakeholders to help shape the future of education. Our work provides a platform for discussion, debate and solutions so that long-term local, regional, national and global challenges can be resolved.


St George’s School, Blackpool, FY4 4PH
Wednesday 13th December
4:30pm – 6:30pm

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