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At the FED we believe that our children, our young people and lifelong learners need to be at the centre of any vision for the future of education. It is only through envisioning the big issues that our society, our world and indeed our planet will face that we can create a coherent plan for education.

Now is the time to be bold, recognise the big issues, and find ways to work better together. We have to take this opportunity to show children that they can do something with their knowledge of climate change. We have a responsibility to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and mindset to thrive as we transition from a carbon to a zero-carbon economy. Those currently in school will be the workforce for this great transition to a zero-carbon world. A long-term plan for education must encompass this vision.

Fed Welcomes new partnership
with Darwin Group Ltd to promote
sustainability in education

We are delighted to pursue this work in a new strategic partnership with the Darwin Group Ltd. Founded in 2006, the company is a British, family-run business and with more than five decades worth of industry experience. They are industry leaders in the research and development of sustainable modern methods of construction. As a community focused organisation who are committed to ensuring building projects deliver positive change, the education sector is at the heart of Darwin’s business. Together the FED and the Darwin Group are working to build the foundations for a sustainable long-term vision and plan for education in this country. – “for those who still think that utopia is about the impossible, what is really impossible is to carry on as we are”

The FED were involved at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow. We believe that education for the future must reflect what we can and must do to build a coherent approach to climate education. We need to create and build the environment for learners to understand and address the issues of NetZero and climate change.

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