Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit for Schools

The environment and climate crisis are the most significant threats to humanity we have ever faced. Education has a fundamental role in tackling the climate crisis.

The Department for education recognises this, launching its strategy in April 2022. By 2025, every school, college and nursery will have a sustainability lead who will be charged with developing and implementing their Climate Action Plan, which should act as their pathway to achieving NetZero, having climate resilient estates and equipping children and young people with the knowledge and skills to tackle climate change.

School leaders and their sustainability leads need as much support as possible to assist them in creating, implementing and monitoring effective climate action plans.

As a consequence, in October 2022 we started our climate change and sustainability project.  Led by a steering group of over 30 climate change experts and leaders, including academics, NGOs, charities and other organisations providing solutions to schools, corporates, learners and school leaders – chaired by Dame Rachel De Souza (Children’s Commissioner) and Dame Prof Alison Peacock (CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching) – we determined a way forward.  We identified where the gaps are and what needs to be done to fill them. In short, there is an enormous number of materials out there – so much that it is overwhelming – and it varies in quality. We decided that what was needed was a ‘one stop shop’ where the teacher or school leader can easily find what they need and have confidence that the resource is of the highest quality and has proven impact.

Organised around the four Cs of curriculum, culture, community and campus, the toolkit is designed to be a useful launchpad for getting started on Climate Change and Sustainability Action Plans. In the toolkit you can find:

  • curriculum mapping tools
  • summaries and links to evidence-based, impactful free resources
  • guides and case studies on engaging with the wider school community
  • estate management for NetZero
  • green skills and careers guidance
  • current legislation
  • tools for dealing with climate anxiety
  • outdoor learning materials.


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