Foundation for education development.

We are dedicated to promoting a long-term vision and plan for education in England. In the spirit of partnership, we will provide a neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to shape the future.

Only through long term planning, can we fully empower future generations and unlock the country’s potential. Together we can build a world class education system across the country.

From our consultations at St George’s House, Windsor we have 5 Starting Points. We are now looking for responses to our invitation to help shape these points.  Working together we can help shape the future. We would welcome feedback via our contact page.

On our new Fedspace link you will find our invitation to continue the debate via our series of virtual round tables.

We will provide a neutral space for discussion and debate so that the long-term challenges we face can find long-term solutions.

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5 starting

Our initial conversations at St George’s House, Windsor have led us to 5 starting points for further discussion. We invite you to join our continuing conversations to help shape these further.

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We look forward to hearing from you – through our consultation opportunities you share your thoughts. If you wish to help, please get in touch.