What is the Foundation for Education Development

The FED is dedicated to promoting a long-term vision and plan for education in England. In the spirit of partnership, we will provide a neutral space for policy influencers from education, business, politics and beyond to shape the future.

Only through long-term planning, can we fully empower future generations and unlock the country’s potential. Together we can build a world-class education system across the country for our children and young people.


  • Our desired outcome is to facilitate a long-term plan for education in England which ensures every child and young person, no matter their background, receives the best possible education at every stage of their educational journey.
  • We want to ensure that our education system is built on a cross sector approach which delivers for children, young people and the future prosperity of our country.


….will be based upon the following principles:

  • Education has a vitally important part to play in a future Britain that is confident, optimistic and prosperous.
  • The co-construction of education policy is the bedrock that will help shape our education system and practice.
  • Education policy should serve the long-term interests of our country and young people – it should be predicated on evidence and have cross-sector and cross-party buy in.

National Consultation Report and National Education Summit:

Our 12-month National Consultation report will be published in 2021. We will address some key issues for the report at our National Education Summit which takes place on 1st – 4th March

We welcome responses to our invitation to help shape and build on these starting points. Our consultations are run through FEDSpace events. Working together we can help shape the future for our children and young people.


Who are the Foundation for Education Development?

The FED provides a neutral space for discussion and debate so that the long term challenges we face can find long term solutions.

Our board of trustees and our extensive advisory council are made up of individuals and organisations who support our work to promote a long-term vision and plan for education in this country.

Fed Space

FedSpace is a neutral space for ongoing discussion and continuing debate about the need for a long-term plan for education. Many thousands of individuals and organisations from all sectors – Education (Schools, FE and HE), business, public sector and not for profit organisations have attended FEDSpace events and engaged in our national consultation.

You can find information on our past events as well as details of all of our forthcoming events and round table discussions by following the link below

News and

You will also find information and resources related to our plans for FED150 – the celebrations of 150 years of universal state education.

Latest news

Overwhelmingly Positive Response to the FED National Education Summit

Our FED National Education Summit ran from 1st – 4th March and provided a unique and in-depth examination of our education system through a long-term lens. Those who attended were both inspired and encouraged by the themes, the calibre of those speakers who contributed from this country and Internationally, and...

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Levelling up: From rhetoric to reality

Presented by the Chief Executive of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, Tom Bewick, #SkillsWorldLive is a radio show that builds on the popular #SkillsWorld podcast series, where Tom interviews leading figures shaping the post-compulsory education and skills systems, including apprenticeships in the UK, and across the world. The guests include: Carl Ward – Executive...

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The College of the Future – UK-Wide Final Report

The FED welcomes this excellent, cogently argued and eminently practical report by the Independent Commission on the College of the Future, in particular the idea of the need for a longer-term strategy, central also to our aims. The Commissioners, chaired by Sir Ian Diamond, held roundtable and workshop events with...

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Supporters, Partners
and Sponsors

We believe our objective to achieve a long-term vision and plan for education in this country is a realistic one, but it is also ambitious. We are clear that we couldn’t achieve this aim without the help and guidance from our current supporters, partners and sponsors. Their commitment to the project is greatly appreciated by all of our trustees and Council members and we thank them for their valuable contribution.

We continue to seek partnerships and support to maintain our work, and to develop relationships with a range of organisations who wish to join with us.


At the FED we value the contribution of all those working in education, and their role in building a world class education system across the country.

We welcome the opportunity of the 150th anniversary of state education to:
• Celebrate the achievements of schools today
• Reflect on the history of state education
• Envision a long-term vision and plan for our education system

The FED will be convening activities across the country in the academic year 2020-2021 to mark this anniversary as well as engaging our communities in creating the vision and plan for education in the future – ‘Looking Back – Moving Forward’

can you

How can you
support us?

The FED is dedicated to promoting a long-term vision and plan for education in England. It is time to take education policy away from political short termism and create a thoughtful, sustainable, long term approach to the education of our country’s children and young people. Only by doing this can we build a positive, thriving, economically robust and morally driven future.

We hope you will support us in this endeavour:

  • By joining one of our round table discussions
  • By giving us your views on our five starting points
  • By getting involved in our 150-year celebrations
  • By helping to promote the vision and mission of the FED
  • By signing up for our weekly newsletter
  • By amplifying the work of the FED as a supporter, partner or sponsor