ConfigurED strives to make a positive contribution to the future of global education by empowering strong, innovative, agile leaders who can build sustainable inclusive learning communities.  At ConfigurED we believe that robust schooling is crucial to ensure global cohesive societies.  When schools are led by innovative, capable and effective school leaders then society has a better opportunity of providing education where every student can realise their full potential.

At ConfigurED we are all about how schools achieve this.

Dream: It all begins with an idea. ConfigurED support leaders to develop solutions that foster and grow innovative, inspiring high-quality educational opportunities.

Build: ConfigurED understands there are no quick fixes and that in takes time to build quality. That is why we look for long term solutions that make a difference to education.

Grow: Building capacity in our education systems, schools, leaders, teachers, learners and communities is of the utmost importance at ConfigurED. That is why sustainability is key in every collaboration we undertake.

Western Australia

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