OECD Project

In 2023 the FED co-led, with Teach for All, the UK consultation on ‘Education for Human Flourishing’ on behalf of the OECD and the Department for Education. The FED’s significant role involved collecting perspectives from the UK education community, revealing a focus on holistic education encompassing well-being and a diverse curriculum, while emphasising inclusivity for […]

ESRC Research

In the spring and summer of 2023 the FED supported Dr Gemma Moss and her team at the  Education Research Programme (ESRC) with their consultations into research agenda settings within the education community. The objective was to give more voice to schools and their communities in identifying issues that they think would benefit from research, […]

Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit for Schools

The environment and climate crisis are the most significant threats to humanity we have ever faced. Education has a fundamental role in tackling the climate crisis. The Department for education recognises this, launching its strategy in April 2022. By 2025, every school, college and nursery will have a sustainability lead who will be charged with […]


Innovate-ED grew out of our FEDSpace sessions. It is built around the question of how best to manage innovation in education? In the style of all FED’s work, it brings together a wide range of voices, and has been driven particularly by a number of education technology innovators and follows questions raised about the process of adopting innovative […]

White Paper – Bridging the Global Equity in Education Gap

The FED led the writing of a white paper on behalf of BETT, in collaboration with Charlie Radman and the team at Hewlett Packard. In March 2023 Prof Ger Graus OBE chaired a discussion on what is required from governments, corporates, NGOs and philanthropic organisations to work towards closing the equity gap in education across […]