Fair Education Alliance

The Fair Education Alliance (FEA) is a coalition of over 200 of the UK’s leading organisations from business, education and the third sector. The aim of the Alliance is to create a fair and inclusive education system for all young people, ending the persistent achievement gap between young people from the poorest communities and their wealthier peers.

Although there have been efforts from the Government, businesses, charities and the third sector to bridge this gap thus far, it has not made a significant impact on the educational outcomes of all young people, particularly the most persistently disadvantaged.

To change this, the FEA brings together key stakeholders from across multiple sectors and geographies, drawing upon the diverse range of expertise, evidence, and experiences of its members to create a vision for a fairer education system for all. Under this vision, the Alliance collectively takes action, influences policy and helps to scale the impact of organisations working towards educational inequality via its three Awards of funding and support. The reasons for educational inequality are not simple, but together change is possible.

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If your organisation is interested in sponsoring, supporting or partnering the work of the fed, please contact us.


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