Lexonik is an award-winning literacy intervention and teacher training company whose flagship intervention programme, Lexonik Advance, increases student reading ages by 27 months in just six weeks (validated by The National Literacy Trust and Northumbria University).  

Based in Middlesbrough, Lexonik is a multinational literacy solution. Working with schools across the UK, the UAE and Florida, we don’t just provide effective interventions to schools, we also provide training to school staff in our intervention programmes. This approach not only helps students but the educators as well, giving them professional development that can fundamentally change classroom practices across the whole institution. We aim to give educators the skills they need to benefit cohort after cohort, not just the group of learners in front of them.  

Lexonik’s intervention programmes, Lexonik Leap, Lexonik Advance and Lexonik Vocabulary, use a methodology of morphemic analysis and are strategically aligned to students’ progress data and reading gaps. This ensures time-specific impactful progress results covering phonics, fluency, automaticity, vocabulary development and comprehension. Lexonik’s methodologies support student independence and work with anyone aged 8 to 80! 

Lexonik was started because of a simple idea: no one should be limited because they can’t read. As a result, Lexonik is a company made up of former educators and current idealists, with over 287 years of teaching experience amongst its staff. We work exceptionally hard developing and implementing long-lasting, unpatronising literacy solutions, because it’s our belief literacy is a human right.

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring, supporting or partnering the work of the fed, please contact us.


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