Latest: FED Event to launch a Year of National Celebration for the 150th Anniversary for State Education

Looking Back –
Moving Forward

The FED is promoting celebrations to mark the 150th Anniversary of state education.

2020 marks 150 years since the 1870 Education Act. This Act may reasonably be seen as the first major step in introducing free state education. While the 1870 Act focused on primary education, it raised questions that remain to this day about the purposes of education and the role of the state.

The Foundation for Education Development (FED) was established in 2019 to provide a neutral space to discuss the benefits of a long-term vision and plan for our education system.

At the FED we wish to take the opportunity of the 150th anniversary of state education to:
  • Celebrate the achievements of schools today
  • Reflect on the history of state education
  • Envision a long-term vision and plan for our education system

Come and join us by organising your own celebration...

From September 2020, FED will be convening a 150th Anniversary Celebration of State Education.

In doing this we will be coordinating and planning a number of activities and opportunities to participate and engage with a wide range of voices, reflecting the diversity of state education in the 2020’s in ‘looking back – moving forward’.

During the coming year, our team at the FED will invite and encourage partner organisations, schools, and local communities to participate in ‘celebrating’ this anniversary.

We are pleased to launch our anniversary celebration logo which will be shared with partner organisations and participant to create a ‘national celebration’. Many organisations and individuals are already committed to joining the celebrations in the months to come and if you or your organisation would like to be involved please get in touch here.

Fed Event to Launch a Year of Celebration

Monday 14th September 10.00 - 12.00

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Thursday 17th September

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18.00 – 20.00

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