Alison Peacock ‘In Conversation With’ Carl Ward

Alison Peacock 'In Conversation With' Carl Ward

FED’s Carl Ward is ‘in conversation with’ Professor Dame Alison Peacock.

To help us think about what is needed to create a long-term vision and plan for education in England, Carl Ward (FED Chair), hosts a series of ‘In Conversation With’ videos with significant influential individuals to help move our thinking forward.

This week we are delighted to present our latest instalment with the incredible Alison Peacock CEO, Chartered College of Teaching. Alison is a passionate advocate for teachers and teaching and still feels that teaching is the best job in the world. In her role as CEO, Alison feels that she has ‘the whole profession on her shoulders’ and that she hopes that all teachers will be life long learners as well as life long teachers.

In this insightful conversation, Alison talks about her hopes for the future of teaching in the next ten years and that we move forward in a spirit of collaboration and kindness, united in a collective purpose. Alison reflects on how during the pandemic teachers have again stepped forward and keep stepping forward in these current challenging circumstances.

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