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FED150 – ‘What do you think have been the unintended consequences since the Education Reform Act?’

To mark the 150th Anniversary of universal state education we hosted a unique gathering of former Secretaries of State for Education to reflect on past successes of education, the unintended consequences of past policy, and to envision what still remains to be done.

Hosted by Branwen Jefferys, education correspondent for BBC News, the groups discussed their ‘Lessons Learned – The reflections of 12 former Secretaries of State’, in what are important and candid reflections on their time in office.

In this session you hear Lord Kenneth Baker, Baroness Estelle Morris and Ed Balls discussing:

‘Looking back at education policy since The Education Reform Act 1988, and subsequent big changes in education policies, what do you think was missed and what have been the unintended consequences?’

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