Fostering Partnerships for Immersive Experiences

The Foundation for Education Development (FED) are delighted to share a thinkpiece by Evonne Bixter, Head of Engagement for Shakespeare North Playhouse. The Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot, Merseyside, in the north of England is a cultural and educational venue that opened in 2022. The development includes a 420-seat main auditorium, a modern studio space, outdoor performance garden, exhibition and visitor centre.

Fostering Partnerships for Immersive Educational Experiences

At Shakespeare North Playhouse, we’re driven by our unwavering commitment to ignite creativity and provide enriching experiences for individuals of all ages. Our venue serves as a catalyst for inspiration, nurturing talents, and exciting minds. To achieve our vision, we place great emphasis on fostering partnerships with educational institutions. We firmly believe that collaboration with education providers is paramount to maximising engagement with our venue in meaningful ways.

Our approach is rooted in working closely with a diverse range of education providers, allowing us to offer a wide array of opportunities. Through innovative and inspiring workshops, we actively engage schools and colleges, empowering students to develop essential skills such as confidence, resilience, ambition, and independent thinking. By immersing themselves in the world of Shakespeare, students not only deepen their understanding of his works but also cultivate their own artistic expressions. These experiences encourage creativity and critical thinking, enabling students to grow both academically and personally.

In addition to student-focused initiatives, we recognise the vital role teachers play in shaping the educational experiences of their students. As such, we provide continuous professional development (CPD) programs tailored to support educators in delivering innovative and exciting lessons that harness the power of the arts. By equipping teachers with the tools and knowledge needed to integrate Shakespearean themes and techniques into their classrooms, we strive to foster a lifelong love of learning and creative exploration.

Our commitment to education and the arts goes beyond our existing partnerships. We are constantly seeking new collaborators who share our passion and dedication to empowering individuals through immersive educational experiences. Whether you are a school, parent, or education facilitator, we warmly invite you to reach out to us. Together, we can forge meaningful partnerships that enable us to expand our reach and impact even more lives.

Shakespeare North Playhouse is dedicated to providing transformative experiences for individuals of all ages. Through our strong focus on partnership working, we engage with education providers to create diverse and inspiring opportunities. By nurturing creativity, fostering resilience, and encouraging independent thinking, we empower students to unlock their full potential. Moreover, by offering CPD programs, we equip teachers with the necessary tools to bring the magic of Shakespeare into the classroom.

We eagerly welcome new partners who share our enthusiasm for education and the arts. Join us in our mission to inspire, nurture, and excite minds as we continue to make a difference in the lives of young people.


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