Towards a long-term plan for education

The The Foundation for Education Development (FED) is delighted to present Branwen Jeffreys and Sir Michael Barber in conversation about a long-term plan for education. This important conversation helps us to think about the architecture needed to support a long-term plan for education.

Read our third FED National Education Consultation Report 2023 – Towards a long-term plan for education here.

Speaker biographies:

Branwen Jeffreys is the BBC’s education editor. Branwen Jeffreys is at the forefront of British schooling, high education and youth development. She has travelled the UK to report on such defining topics as the NHS and politics, specialising on its impact on Britain’s students.

Sir Michael Barber is the Founder and Chairman of Delivery Associates, an advisory firm that helps government and other organisations to deliver improved outcomes for citizens. He is a leading authority on education systems and education reform. In addition to being Chair of the Office for Students, the proposed new regulator for Higher Education, Michael is also the Chair of the Independent Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales. Michael has also recently published ‘Accomplishment – How to achieve ambitious and challenging things’. You can also hear Michael talking with these leaders in the Accomplishment Podcast.


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