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Looking Back, Moving Forward. A history of social mobility

Looking Back, Moving Forward. A history of social mobility

Our tag line for the 150th Anniversary of universal state education in this country is ‘ looking back, moving forward.’

Our ongoing series of Fedspace roundtables are all about looking forward as part of the FED 12-month consultation on a long term vision and plan for education.

To set the context for our next round table on the theme of ‘Levelling up? Really? How far can we get in the next 10 years?we have worked with Dr Jonathan Doney, Lecturer in Education at Exeter University, and Vice President of the History of Education Society, who has kindly agreed to record a series of videos outlining the historical context of our topics. The first looks at the development of policies addressing social mobility since 1944.

To watch, listen and read more about our FED events, click here

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