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Benjamin N Gonga

Benjamin N’gonga

FED Ambassador and Learners Council Representative: Benjamin N’gonga is the Lead Marketing and PR for an independent music record label founded by Craig Fenton, Big Community Records. An artist-first social enterprise on a mission to surface and celebrate new talent from lower socio-economic areas and give them the stage to shine. An org which does not seek profits but instead maximises the returns to the artist in order to make their art a viable source of income. 

Benjamin also works at market-leader WOAW, a personal branding agency for CEOs and Founders. Operating closely with the UK’s (and globally) most recognised industry figures including Dragons Den personalities and fast-growth startup founders.

Using his expertise in building a personal brand, Benjamin wants to democratise the skills and learnings needed so that young people can also develop their personal brand as an asset to increase their employability.

Benjamin is a firm believer that: talent is widely distributed, but opportunity is not.

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