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Dr Matt Silver

FED Advisory Council: Dr Matt Silver is the CEO and Founder of The Glass House Leadership Lab – an educational coaching and co-consultancy group that believes the catalyst to system transformation is the personal development of leaders, teachers and learners. Matt’s doctoral action research whilst a Head and CEO was based in curriculum, culture and system design using frameworks of human development, motivation, and engagement theory.

His work includes Institute of Education UCL and the National College of Education at executive level and as the vice-chair of the National Association of Pastoral Care is based on building a network of leaders capable of transformation and therefore evolving the education system. His thinking is illustrated in his research papers and collected in his recently published book ‘Re-thinking Education’ with a focus on adult ‘vertical’ development building towards culture and system maturity.

The Glass House’s subsequent national and international work at executive trust and local authority level is based on embedding and embodying a deliberately developmental approach to education, developing the capability and capacity for change through fellowships and digital frameworks that seek to create a circular economy of leadership growth at professional and learner levels.

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