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Neil Hawkes

Dr. Neil Hawkes D. Phil (Oxford), MEd, BA, FRSA

Dr. Neil Hawkes D. Phil (Oxford), MEd, BA, FRSA is internationally well known as an inspirational speaker, educator, broadcaster, author and social commentator.  He is a popular TEDx presenter. 

Neil’s thinking is having a profound influence on education and more widely in society. Neil first gained international recognition when he was a Headteacher in Oxfordshire, UK. Here he worked with a school community to devise and implement a pedagogical system that would give pupils a transformational ethical vocabulary, based on values such as respect, tolerance, humility and justice. The school community found that pupils were empowered to be self-leaders, with an active ethical compass that affected behaviour, their thinking and the quality of their schoolwork. Today Neil’s philosophy has spread into all aspects of society and is known as Values-based Living. He is one of the V20 Task Group that advises G20 leaders about the importance of values to humanity.  

Neil founded The International Values based Trust and its educational arm Values-based Education (VbE),

His bestselling book, From My Heart, transforming lives through values, celebrates the success of VbE worldwide. Neil’s latest book co-authored with Jane Hawkes, is called The Inner Curriculum, how to nurture wellbeing, resilience and self-leadership. More information about Dr Hawkes can be found at

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