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Floyd Woodrow

Floyd is a former Special Forces Soldier who delivered unparalleled success over a full career with 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). He was awarded a DCM, the second highest gallantry award, for work in Iraq, and an MBE for work in Afghanistan. He was graded in the top 1% of SAS officers.

In the last few years of his career he was responsible for coordinating and developing high level intelligence-based security solutions in the UK and Middle East and finished his service as the Head of the UKSF Counter Terrorist Wing where he developed a nationally recognised training programme for the government. Floyd has worked along side Seal Team 6 and Delta on operations and training.

After leaving the military Floyd set up his own businesses and now leads Quantum Financial Holdings, a leading UK fintech investment incubator, delivering regulated financial solutions across a range of core products including state of the art security innovations, this includes a lifestyle and media company. Floyd was recognised as one of top 20 UK Fintech CEO’s by the financial technologists magazine.

Alongside this Floyd has developed a leadership consultancy and has worked across the world developing elite leadership programmes with teams in the private and public sectors, as well as education and sports. Floyd recently set up the Compass for Life Foundation which has been created to help the most disadvantaged children in the UK bridge the educational gap that currently exists.

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