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Howard Jackson

Howard is CEO of Hub4Leaders & Evaluate-Ed Ltd. He has been involved with the education sector for over 35 years and founded the successful education finance software company HCSS Education, now part of The Access Group.

Prior to setting up his own education finance consultancy business in 1993, Howard’s roles included internal audit, commercial FD, and School Business Manager and was also the founder of the Northern Bursars Group which became the National Bursars Association and now ISBL. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of School Business Leadership.

 In 2013, Howard founded Hub4Leaders and his passion for the sector and his extensive knowledge of financial planning for schools has seen him author a nationally circulated document on financial planning (published by the DfE), lead a major training programme on behalf of the DfE, attend international conferences as a keynote speaker and, most importantly, empower thousands of school leaders with the knowledge and practical tools to plan for their school’s future. Howard recently launched Evaluate-Ed (a self-assessment/Improvement tool) software which took 4 years to create and is already receiving amazing reviews.

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