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Jo Malone

Jo Malone

FED Executive Team: Jo Malone is passionate about the transformative power of education. Following 15 years in the classroom as a secondary teacher, AST, curriculum and pastoral leader, Jo worked as Senior Education Adviser and Senior Project Manager at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. There she had a lot of fun designing educational programmes, developing curriculum, training thousands of teachers and dialogue facilitators across the globe. She was privileged to build and develop networks of stakeholders including educators, educational leaders and government officials across 60 plus countries. Jo’s work was fundamental to the innovation, scaling and embedding of the pioneering education programme, Generation Global.

As well as working for FED, Jo is the Education Director for Persona Education supporting curriculum, instructional design, pedagogy and onboarding for their life skills e-learning platform. She has co-founded a women consultants and advisers in education group (WECAN), she advises and supports a movement for democratic education globally, and she is a primary school governor.

Jo loves the company of teenagers (especially good news considering she lives with a couple of them) and feels that teachers are her natural tribe.

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