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Mark Anderson

FED Council Member: Mark is a former school leader with more than twenty years of experience in the classroom, leading successful faculty departments, being a local authority lead teacher for my subject and I am responsible for some of the world’s most innovative 1:1 programmes.

My mission has always been to impact positively on the futures of children which has led to me leaving the classroom to pursue that aim on a larger scale. My ICT Evangelist blog won the Education Blog of the Year award in 2015 and I have picked up numerous other accolades over the years. Many know me from my blog and Twitter handle as @ICTEvangelist. In addition to my highly successful ‘Perfect ICT Every Lesson‘ book which has topped the Amazon education charts on numerous occasions, I have contributed to many more books, such as the recent ‘There Is Another Way: The Second Big Book of Independent Thinking‘.

I am a passionate advocate for the purposeful use of technology linked to pedagogy. My experience has led to me working with schools and keynoting at conferences all over the world. My pedigree is further reinforced by my associate status with Independent Thinking Ltd; It is a privilege to be a member of this group of forward thinking individuals in education.

With more than two decades of classroom experience, I know the power and importance of student voice in developing sound practice having co-founded the Digital Leader Network in the UK. I am also an Apple Distinguished EducatorGoogle Certified InnovatorMicrosoft Certified Educator and expert in mobile learning and associated pedagogies.

A message from Mark Anderson on joining the FED:

“It is clear that for the vast majority of the population, education is no longer fit for purpose. The curriculum, role of teachers, the tools we have at our disposal, new knowledge about how learning happens and overridingly , the moral duty that we have to do our best by our young people that we serve, means it is only right and proper that we explore what education is and do so with fresh sets of eyes to build a roadmap for the future. This is why the neutral approach to developing a clear vision by the FED is so important and has such a vital role in shaping the future of education in England.”

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