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Mohammed Alam Begi

Mohammed Alam Begi

Mohammed graduated from the University of Oxford in 2021. His journey through life has been a turbulent one. He was born and grew up during the heart of the war that has troubled Afghanistan for decades. The instability brought about by the conflict kept him away from the classroom as he spent most of his childhood years working on his family’s subsistence farm. Eventually, Mohammed left Afghanistan and arrived in the UK, where his life and future prospects quickly changed when he started attending school in 2012. 

Unable to speak English and living in an unfamiliar country, Mohammed found it challenging to integrate and faced various academic and social challenges in his local comprehensive school. Despite these obstacles, his passion for education and determination helped him gain a place at the University of Oxford. He studied history and acquired two scholarships to fund his studies. Mohammed has undertaken internships at the British Parliament, Deutsche Bank, Afghanistan Embassy in London, Confederation of British Industry, and Avado Learning, where he worked on the FastFutures, a programme designed to support the careers of young people. 

Mohammed hopes that his story will inspire young people and has focused his extracurricular commitments towards increasing access to higher education for under-represented groups. He was appointed to the Oxford Union’s Access Committee and is a Student Advisory Board Member at the Social Mobility Foundation. Since 2019, Mohammed has been a panellist at Harris Academy’s annual Oxbridge Conference. Mohammed is grateful for all the opportunities afforded to him. He remains optimistic about his future and the prospect of helping young people to realise their dreams and ambitions through education.

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