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Patrick Wall

FED Trustee: Patrick Wall is the founder of, a research project to support better and more enduring policy change. Patrick set up the first Oxford University access program, Target Schools, in 1982 and first became a school governor in 1988. For the last ten years he has been chair of governors at Ark Academy in Wembley. Patrick is a long standing Sutton Trust Fellow.

He has spent thirty five years in business, working in Europe, USA and China. He is founder, and ex-CEO, of a successful European tech company and NED for a tech business, building ethical and sustainable supply chains.

On joining the FED, Patrick said:

“FED is the only organisation ‘dedicated to promoting a long-term vision and plan for education in England’. Long-term planning will enable education to fulfil its purpose, while minimising disruption, waste and policy churn. With long-term planning, we can meet our shared goals and essentially, inspire the teachers and lecturers, who we rely on every day to provide the best possible education.”

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