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Phil Denton

Phil Denton

After many years in school leadership including positions as Headteacher, Deputy Head, Assistant Head and Head of History, I am now a leader for education companies based in Manchester and London. I speak widely to education, public sector and corporate audiences working with teams to create impactful plans that realise ambitious priorities. I am the author of The First 100 Days with Micky Mellon. As a Headteacher, I began my career in education by teaching history.

I have spent the last three years meeting with Premier League managers, business leaders and education leaders to create a blueprint that offers the best chance of successful leadership, especially in those first 100 days! I have worked across schools in the North of England and Saudi Arabia. In addition, I am an experienced sports coach although my attention is directed solely at my son’s U-9 football team! I have had several articles published in the SecEd magazine, TES and other education publications.

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