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Vikas Pota

Vikas Pota

Vikas Pota: is the Founder of T4 Education, a digital platform he established as a response to the challenges posed by the pandemic on education, globally. T4 seeks to strengthen the cause of teachers and schools by providing them with opportunities to learn and share with each other, and is building a set of tools that help this global community advance its agenda.

Prior to T4, in the education sector, Vikas set up and ran a philanthropic foundation focused on teachers where he launched and ran the Global Teacher Prize as a way of shining a spotlight on the greatness of the profession; he has made the case at UN platforms, the G20 and to several Governments about the Sustainable Development Goals; he established a technical & vocational skills business in Africa to tackle the youth unemployment crisis; he set up a corporate venture capital business investing in high growth edtech businesses; and lead on the brand, marketing, communications, and corporate affairs strategy for a globally renowned K-12 education business.

Vikas serves on several non-profit boards including The Education Outcomes Fund, Artists in Residence, Global School Leaders, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Educate Girls, and Teach for All. He is a Honorary Lecturer at UCL Institute of Education, was a Visiting Practitioner at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and served as a Senior Policy Fellow at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Science & Policy.

He has been recognised as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum; was accorded the status of one of London’s 1000 most influential persons; is a member of the Young Presidents Organisation; has been awarded two honorary doctorates by leading universities in the world in recognition of his achievements.

Often quoted in the media, Vikas is a passionate advocate of the transformative power of a good education and is actively building a global community of teachers and schools to make that a reality.

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