City of London

The City of London forms part of London as a whole, along with the 32 London boroughs who have responsibility for local government services within their local area. The City of London, also known as the Square Mile, is the financial district of London. It is the ancient core from which the rest of London developed. It has been a centre for settlement, trade, commerce and ceremony since the Roman period, producing a unique historic environment of exceptional richness and significance. In just 1.12 square miles, the City of London counts around 8,000 residents, 513,000 daily commuters and 10m annual visitors.

The City of London and its Family of Schools are committed to delivering world-class education based on a broad and balanced approach to develop the whole child and create a lifelong love of learning. The Education Strategy establishes a vision for exceptional learning delivered by the City’s Family of Schools. That learning is focused on academic progress, good health and wellbeing, individual aspiration and the development of skills which will form the foundation for employment. Opportunities to learn should not be confined to the school building and its grounds. Every day, there are 480,000 workers in the City of London. Pupils and adult learners can learn and be inspired by them. All types of business and trade represent an opportunity for learning. The Skills Strategy commits to harnessing the power of such organisations as learning providers. They enable people to experience the world of work, build resilience and develop work-based skills. In return, workers and employers can develop the talents and skills which benefit the economy. Similarly, arts, culture and heritage offer long-standing institutions devoted to learning.

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