A large and growing network community of Headteachers – Past, Present and Future – of several thousand education leaders and organisations. We actively support the well-being of 2500+ leaders and headteachers with 100% of participating leaders stating they would recommend our support to another Leader.


All Headteachers are enabled to be the leaders they set out to be

HeadsUp4Hts’ MISSION

Through our inspiring community wide events:

  • We give thanks for, appreciate and celebrate the great work of Headteachers
  • We highlight and celebrate the skills, experiences and vulnerabilities of our school leaders

Through our network of Headteacher facilitators, coaches and mentors:

  • We create and provide impactful, effective and sustainable Peer support spaces for Headteachers at a national, regional and MAT level
  • We provide peer and individual coaching/mentoring spaces for Headteachers and other leaders
  • We provide ‘crisis’ coaching well-being support to those HTs experiencing unethical behaviours

Alongside and with our many partner organisations we campaign for long term change to create a positive culture and environment for Headteachers to thrive, through:

  • We campaign for system wide mentoring and coaching support for HTs free at point of access
  • We challenge the negative rhetoric and narrative that exists in our education system
  • We challenge the systems and organisations that are driving the unethical treatment of HTs and highlight the issue of ‘disappeared’ HTs

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring, supporting or partnering the work of the fed, please contact us.


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