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Integrity Coaching

Founded in 2008 by former Headteacher Viv Grant, Integrity Coaching is London’s leading provider of coaching services for Headteachers and senior school leaders. Viv is a renowned Executive Coach, Author, and Public Speaker and serves as the Director of Integrity Coaching.

Integrity Coaching offers a comprehensive suite of services, including one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and its flagship “Race, Identity and School Leadership” Programme.

Our goal is to help cultivate an ethical, humanitarian school system led by emotionally and psychologically resilient School Leaders.

We envision a school system where values such as integrity, wholeness, authenticity, social justice, and racial equality are deeply embedded and visibly enacted in school communities. Our commitment is to support school leaders in addressing the myriad local and global challenges they face and ensuring these core values are upheld.

Our Mission

To inspire, nurture, and support School Leaders to embody these values and lead with authenticity, courage, and clear purpose.

Our Goals

Through our diverse coaching and leadership development programs, we aim to:

  • Promote well-being on personal, professional, and societal levels.
  • Inspire organisational improvement and social change.
  • Support self-aware, ethical, sustainable, and humanitarian leadership.
  • Empower School Leaders to solve complex problems and transform the lives of pupils and the communities they serve.

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring, supporting or partnering the work of the fed, please contact us.


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