Stakeholder Council Member Reflections


The Foundation for Education Development’s vision is informed by hundreds of hours of consultation with hundreds of stakeholders across hundreds of events which has delivered a consistent message: we need a long-term strategy and plan for education in England in order to deliver a system which leads to better outcomes for all learners. 

We asked members of our workstream and stakeholder councils to reflect on the experiences over the last year of consultations and asked each them three questions: 

  1. Why did you volunteer to do this?
  2. What have you learnt?
  3. What are your hopes and aspirations?

In this pamphlet, you will hear from some of the stakeholder council members. 

Learners Council
Penelope Harrison – Volunteer

Parent/Carer Council
Donna Moss-Seymour – Managing Director, The School Report

SEND/AP Council
Paul Hodgkinson – Executive Principal, Bolton Impact Trust
Sarah Sultman and Ali Durban – Co-Founder of Gesher School and NoLimits
Educational Practitioners Council
Heather Damons – Hospital School Teacher
Adam Muirhead – Director Youth Work
Jamel C Campbell – Early Years Educator


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