Summit VIDEO – FEDENES Day 3 – ‘International Perspectives: A look ahead to Global Education Leaders’ Partnership 2021’

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On Day 3 of FED’s National Education Summit, Carl Ward talks with Professor Fiona Forbes and Michael Stevenson (OECD PISA Senior Advisor) about ‘International Perspectives: a look ahead to Global Education Leaders’ Partnership 2021.

In this session Michael talks about the development of the Global Education Leaders Partnership in 2009 and how its focus is on holistic systemic change where it considers what it would look like for systems to holistically come together at once. Michael and Fiona explore themes surrounding education transformation, as opposed to change, what approach works in which setting and how eco-systems need to be responsive to climate, society and the economy and draw on all stakeholders within the system. This thought-provoking session digs deep into the significance of eco-systems and what we can learn from a range of examples that they present.

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