FEDNES Day 3 – ‘Sir Kevan Collins talks with Carl Ward, FED Chair’

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On Day 3 of FED’s National Education Summit, Carl Ward discusses the challenges of Covid recovery with Sir Kevan Collins.

Sir Kevan tells the Summit that his role is as ‘recovery commissioner’ and not ‘catch-up’. In this session he highlights how COVID-19 has revealed things about our education system, some good things, some amazing things, but it also revealed worrying things such as fragmented experiences for children. Sir Kevan highlights how school is also about the non-academic learning that children have missed and that we need a long-term plan and a long-term view on how we address this. He highlights how the life cycle of teaching is not very well supported and that a basic entitlement to learn needs to include access to technology and connectivity. Kevan speaks passionately about how ‘getting better’ isn’t a destination; it is a capacity to keep moving forward, keep growing and thriving. Kevan observes that the narrative in England is that the government invests in ‘transport’, but ‘spends’ in education and that we need to invest in a long-term plan for education.

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