FEDNES Day 3 – ‘A system based on trust?’

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On Day 3 of FED’s National Education Summit, Ed Dorrell discusses ‘A system based on trust?’ with teaching union leaders Geoff Barton, Mary Bousted, Patrick Roach and Paul Whiteman.

This timely and pertinent panel discussion with four Union General Secretaries from the education sector discuss the pressing issue of ‘a system based on trust’. The panel reflect on the challenges faced during the pandemic, how schools, colleges and teachers were “thrown into the deep end” and how schools and colleges were repurposed to meet immediate challenges. The panel discuss the circumstances through which trust can be developed or eroded and the relationship with how schools and colleges are funded, resourced and purposed. The panel reflect on how trust developed with a sense of public accountability, and the narrative that is presented more widely across society about the effectiveness of schools, colleges and teachers. The panel reflect on this watershed moment of trust in the profession and workforce.

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