FEDNES Day 3 – ‘Including everyone – Building equity into your work’

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On Day 3 of FED’s National Education Summit, Carl Ward discusses ’including everyone – building equity into your work’ with Dr Ann Bamford OBE, Susan Douglas and Nasreen Hussain.

This thought-provoking conversation discusses how equity and inclusion need to be priorities in all future plans and how the term ‘disadvantage’ implies a deficit before we start. It outlines that the focus needs to move to an assets-based approach. The panel discussion then focusses on parental engagement and equity – that parents often talk about equity but mostly want advantage. Engagement of communities is vital to inclusion and an equitable system. The panel discusses how there is an artificial separation between different parts of the system and how children need to be at the heart of the system allowing organisations the flexibility to adapt to meet their needs. The panel highlight how prejudice across the system needs to be addressed to make a more inclusive and equitable system. The discussion then moves on how core education principles must be simple and clear in order to succeed. When we have a clear direction and core set outcomes, it is much easier to collaborate and work together.

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