FEDNES Day 4 – ‘Book lunch – Playful Curiosity, Craig Fenton & Priya Lakhani OBE’

Book Lunch

On Day 4 of FED’s National Education Summit, Lamide Odanye hosts the Book Lunch with Craig Fenton and Priya Lakhani OBE.

Craig talks about his three key points from his book ‘Playful Curiosity’: harness innate curiosity, learn through play/ experimentation with psychological safety to fail, and provide real work learning experiences. Priya discusses her recent book ‘Inadequate’ and shares 5 areas to think about how our educaiotn system can be improved: slimming down the curriculum; focus on teacher autonomy; replace the exam system;  focus on supporting the mental health of teachers and students; think about how we can make technology accessible across the system.

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