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Bella Cox

Bella Cox is an internationally-acclaimed poet and multi-disciplinary artist now based in London, UK. She has worked for over 6 years as a poet, workshop facilitator, MC, and event producer in Kenya, South Africa and the UK. She is a Barbican Young Poets alumna, a twice-nominated young people’s laureate for London, and was a member of multiple poetry collectives throughout 2018 while also co-founding the monthly open-mic nights: Speak= and Pen-Ting.

Her art spans the disciplines of poetry, prose, music, theatre, and crafting. She is well-known for lyrical poems that address the notions of home, belonging, and identity, as well as for her proudly queer and feminist work that seeks to embrace difference and empower others. Her performances often involve a loop pedal which she uses with her voice to create intricate soundscapes underscoring her poems.

As a creative writing educator, Bella strives to create inclusive and encouraging environments for all learners, empowering them and offering space for experimentation with language and art.

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