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Bukky Yusuf

FED Council Member: Bukky Yusuf is a Thought Leader with over twenty years teaching experience. She has undertaken several leadership roles within mainstream and special school settings, centring around professional development programmes, quality first teaching and learning and effective implementations of Educational Technology.

Bukky has also been a successful Secondary Science Consultant within a local authority. During this role she worked with Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and teachers across primary and secondary schools and provided strategic support, challenge, and advice. At local authority level, she has vast experience of strategic planning and professional development delivery to schools and local authority-based educators.

Beyond the classroom, Bukky has a variety of Ed(ucation) Tech(nology) experiences which includes participating as a judge for The EdTech50 Schools, BETT Awards and serving as an Education Board Member for Innovate My School.  In 2019, she was appointed by the Department of Education as co-chair for the EdTech Leadership Group.

Bukky is well known by her Twitter handle @rondelle10_b. As part of her commitment to increase diverse leadership within education, she participates with several initiatives and organisations. These include her roles as an ambassador for Leadership Matters, a Network Leader / coach for WomenEd & BAMEEd and a Steering Group member of the teacher5aday well-being initiative. In addition, Bukky has contributed chapters to the second WomenEd book (Being 10% Braver) and The Early Career Framework Handbook by the Chartered College of Teaching.  

A message from Bukky Yusuf on joining the FED:

“2020 has provided a catalyst and real opportunity for meaningful change. I firmly believe that now is the time to make educational changes that moves away from constant measuring and checking currently in place. As part of FED, I am keen to share my experiences and insights of education as part of discussions within a neutral forum that helps to create long term, strategic plans to reshape the future of education and employment in England.

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