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Chloe Hine

My name is Chloe Hine, I am 24 years old from the South Coast of England and challenging the stigma around mental health is a passion of mine. I am an advocate for youth social action and love nothing more than to see the positive impact young people are having on the world. I am a proud #iWill & FED education ambassador, consultant and public speaker. I work with organisations to encourage conversations and advice surrounding mental health and anti-bullying.

I used to travel the country teaching young people in schools how to use music as a coping mechanism. I had the honour to work with His Royal Highness Prince William on a campaign that encourages social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram to make their platforms safer for young people with a focus on cyberbullying. As well as this I sit on the board for the #iwill Fund and have worked on national campaigns to help stop bullying. I think it’s important more now than ever to stand up against the bad in the world and use our voices to create a better tomorrow.

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