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Christian Foley

Christian Foley

Christian Foley makes it up as he goes along. His freestyles have taken him from the school classroom, to Oprah’s Television Networks and PMQ’s at Westminster, from the festival circuit to TED talks and the Premier League.

Christian’s improvised performances lauded by stars like 50 Cent and creator of Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda, have gone viral multiple times and made him a regular on British Television and radio, amassing millions of views and features across British and international Press.

On the poetry scene, Christian has risen to prominence. His night Spoken Word Sundaes is known as a hotbed of emerging, underground talent and he has also been shortlisted for the Jerwood Poetry Prize and Sky Arts as being in the ‘top 20’ promising young artists in the UK.

For a day job, Christian is one of the only few poets in the world selected to complete a ‘Spoken Word Education Programme’ and Teaching MA at Goldsmiths University, an incentive which was created to transform professional poets into specialised facilitators. He works in a number of schools and referral units in East London, as a poet in residence, and is the editor of twelve volumes written with children between the ages of four and eighteen. Christian is currently studying a PhD in ‘Hip Hop Education’ at Goldsmiths University, funded by the T.S Eliot Foundation. 

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