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David Goodhart

FED Ambassador: David Goodhart is a British journalist, commentator and author. He is the founder and a former editor of Prospect magazine. He was a correspondent for the Financial Times for 12 years; for part of the period he was stationed in Germany. He founded Prospect, a British current affairs magazine in 1995 and was the editor until 2010, when he became editor-at-large. In December 2011, he was appointed Director of the London-based think tank Demos. 

He has written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Times. He has presented documentaries for BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme on immigration (in 2010) and on Blue Labour. He has written of the influence on his thinking of people like Maurice Glasman, who coined the term Blue Labour. As of 2017 he is Head of the Demography, Immigration and Integration Unit at the think tank Policy Exchange and Director of the Integration Hub website.

David is a prominent figure in public debate in the UK, as a well-known broadcaster, author, commentator, and journalist. He has presented several BBC Radio 4 Analysis programmes. Before Prospect, he was a correspondent for the Financial Times, including a stint in Germany during the unification period. In 2013, he published The British Dream, a book about post-war multiculturalism, national identity, and immigration. It was runner up for the Orwell Book Prize in 2014. In 2017 he published The Road to Somewhere: The new tribes shaping British politics, about the value divides in western societies, which was a Sunday Times best-seller.

He was one of four new Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) board commissioners appointed in November 2020

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