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Javid Mahdavi

Javid Mahdavi serves as the Managing Director of Nexus Associates (ICT) and Colwyn Technologies Limited, both dedicated to providing premium ICT services, with a specific emphasis on the Education Sector within the Public Sector. Javid’s journey in education began in 2006 as an ICT Technician in schools, where his engagement in education governance started as a Staff Governor.

His profound passion for education is evident in his commitment to training students, recognising them as the future workforce. Javid is resolute in ensuring that every child realises their full potential, advocating for the integration of technology to enhance learning and teaching.

Javid champions the use of data for informed decision-making and is particularly interested in harnessing the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to foster equitable access for students, thereby fueling their aspirations regardless of background or ability. As the Chair of Trustees for a UTC-only Multi-Academy Trust, he is actively involved with the Baker Dearing Trust, working towards the enhancement of skills, increased employer engagement, and the promotion of Apprenticeships.

Beyond his role as Chair of Trustees, Javid extends his support to various causes. He is a passionate advocate for improving mental health in young people, lends his expertise to offer career advice and conduct interviews for children, serves as a Trustee for a Local Charity, and collaborates with the Department for Education Policy unit on matters related to Digital and Technology Policies and Standards. Javid Mahdavi is not just a leader in the ICT sector; he is a dedicated advocate for the holistic development and well-being of young minds.

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