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Nigel Genders CBE

FED Council Member: Nigel is the Church of England’s Chief Education Officer and leads the work of the Church of England Education Office, which serves the church’s ministry with children and young people in churches, schools, colleges and universities. The Church of England provides 4,700 schools educating over a million children and the national office seeks to:

  • Develop leaders who are called, connected and committed to a vision for education which is deeply Christian, serving the common good
  • Shape policy to promote high quality education for all, particularly the poorest and most disadvantaged.

Nigel’s role in education has developed throughout 27 years of ordained ministry working in a variety of roles, including: vicar, school chaplain, governor of a university, chair of governors in primary and secondary school, Director of Education for Canterbury Diocese, Head of School Policy for the Church of England and he has been Chief Education Officer since 2014.

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